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For Developers Transitioning to Web3

Looking to Kick Start Your Web3 Career?

Learn by coding smart contracts, NFTs, tokens and more with our free courses. Then earn an NFT Certificate that unlocks exclusive job opportunities and perks.

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How it works?

Code with the Cadena Community

Code along side thousands of developers located in over a 100+ countries as we create the future of Web3 together.

Stop Scrolling. Start Coding.

Blockchain development is well known for having a steep learning curve. It’s also very early days, and the technology is changing at a fast pace.

How do you get up to speed when everything around it is moving quickly?

At Cadena our blockchain courses only on the core principles so that you can:

  • Get up to speed quickly without wasting time with outdated tutorials.

  • Future proof your career moves by leveraging your new skills.

  • Spend more time shipping code and projects.
  • Becoming an insider by understanding the bluechip projects and players of Web3.

What will you learn?

You can move through the course at your own pace or drop in our Discord to work along side other developers. Our courses covers:

  • Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Deploying Your First Smart Contract on Ethereum

  • Using Tools & Libraries Like Hardhat, Alchemy, and Ethers.js

  • Creating Your Own NFT Token with OpenZeppelin Contracts
  • Build Real Portfolio Projects and earn an NFT Certificate to add to your Linkedin or Resume.

Projects You’ll Build

Learn by doing. Build real projects that you can add to your portfolio like your own meme coin, wallet, and use the skills you learn to ship your own projects like an NFT marketplace.

What You’ll Get

Access to exclusive job opportunities and an active community.

Where Our Graduates Work

With Cadena, I was quickly able to pickup the relevant information I needed to deploy my first smart contract.

Fizal Sarif
Software Engineer, Rent the Runway

Where Our Graduates Work

With Cadena, I was quickly able to pickup the relevant information I needed to deploy my first smart contract.

Fizal Sarif
Software Engineer, Rent the Runway

Ready to Deploy

Future proof your career by becoming a blockchain developer and join the growing Web3 Ecosystem. You can join our Membership Collective or start our courses for free.

Always Up to Date
  • Blockchain 101
  • Ethereum 101

  • Create Your Own Smart Contracts
  • DAPP Architecture Lifecycle
  • Hardhat, Alchemy & Ethers.js
  • Build Your Own DAPPs
Community Membership


  • NFT Certificate

  • Access All Courses

  • Recordings of Events

  • Community Discord Channel

  • Learn by Doing


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?2022-04-24T10:29:24-04:00

Sign up for Cadena courses and join our Discord community, then get started with our courses like Ethereum 101. You will then need to submit the projects in each course to be reviewed to earn an NFT Certificate which unlocks some cool things like our job board and surprise air drops! Course labeled “NFT Certificate” are the only ones eligible for an NFT certificate.

Is it really tuition free?2022-04-24T10:27:37-04:00

The value of our courses on Cadena are well over $1000 but we offer these courses at no costs because we believe everyone should have access to these technical skills for free so that they can be a part of the web3 ecosystem.

What do I need to get started?2022-04-24T10:28:11-04:00

Some prior experience with coding is required. Whether you have a Python, PHP, or JavaScript background, we’ve designed the course with boilerplates so your knowledge transfers over. We recommend having a Unix based operating system or use Powershell with windows.


How long does the course take to complete?2022-01-09T18:12:01-05:00

It all depends on your level of experience as a developer. Some people finish the Ethereum 101 course in just a weekend while some spread it over a week. We provide boilerplates so you can get setup as soon as possible and get to learning.

What are my career opportunities are I am finished?2022-01-09T18:17:30-05:00

Web3 is growing rapidly and so is the need for talented developers like you in the space. After you complete the Ethereum 101 course, you will have 3 portfolio pieces you can show to potential employers as well as the technical knowledge required for interviewing. Your NFT Certificate will unlock our job board with opportunities that you can apply for.

Who We Are

Our mission with Cadena is to provide software engineers with a high quality curriculum, a supportive community, and the career skills required to become a blockchain developer.

Our instructors come from some of the top companies in web3 like VaynerNFT and ConsenSys and our graduates have been hired by companies like Gemini, Tesla, Google, Amazon, Wayfair, Rent The Runway, and WeWork. We are supported by industry leading companies like Twilio, Goldman Sachs, HP, and Slack.


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